该项目是由 PROCESS5 DESIGN 设计,位于日本大阪。虽然空间非常有限,但是客户仍旧可以在休息区找到舒适座位。


Wine Bar with a 10m Connecting Belt

The proposal was for the first basement floor of a building in front of Hankyu Shukugawa Station which is located in a high-end residential area.

Many prestigious customers such as landowners and company presidents gather in this area; therefore, the target is thought to be customers who are thoroughly familiar with luxury items and high class stores.

With such customers as the target, the owner wanted to provide a place where they can enjoy wine and conversation with the bartender.

Although having limited space, a certain number of seats where the customers can comfortably lounge was required.

Therefore, we decided to create a continuous 10m belt through the space.

The 10m belt starts from the shiny floor seen from the entrance, which then divides the space into customer seats and the kitchen, and following the wall, it disappears into the back of the store.

This belt serves as a beacon which attracts the customer to the store, which then becomes a counter connecting the customer with the bartender, as well as a display for bottles and glasses, providing a flow of service.

The customer is drawn into the store, and can enjoy an encounter with wine along the 10m belt.

By means of the 10m belt, the customer and bartender are joined together as one, creating a space where wine and conversation are enjoyed.


地点 日本, 大阪
设计师 Ikuma Yoshizawa, Noriaki Takeda
面积 34.74 m2
摄影 Nacása & Partners Inc. Takeshi Nakasa




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