Arima onsen Negiya Ryofukaku


该项目是由 PROCESS5 DESIGN 设计,位于日本神户市。


Private guest rooms with layered maple

“Arima Onsen,” is a hot springs resort in Hyogo Prefecture. This proposal is of a guest room renewal in an old established hotel “Negiya Ryofukaku.” As the name “Ryofukaku” suggests, this hotel is made up of several buildings so as to avoid interfering with the wild maple and has been coexisting with the Arima maple.

In proceeding with the design, we wanted to more strongly appeal to the “maple,” as the core of the branding, since the maple has been a close partner of the hotel for many years. At the same time, we have incorporated the concept of privacy in which the customers can relax and feel at ease.

Specifically, the first impression when visiting the hotel is the beautiful scenery of the guest rooms overlooking the maple carpet, as it were. Thus, the floor planning was made transforming the space so that the desired scenery is cut out from the opening, setting as a “private area” the area surrounding the opening where the scenery can be enjoyed in close proximity. Also, we divided the given space into 2, namely the “public area” and “private area,” so that the sense of privacy can be felt not only structurally, but more strongly in a personalized manner through services provided by the attendants, making such services not offered in the public area available. By so doing, personal effects and the area surrounding the bed which guests prefer to keep private, will not be seen by the attendants, and the guests can leisurely spend their limited time in ease and comfort.

These 2 areas are partitioned off by a maple design wooden sash. During the meals provided in the room, the combination of the scenery overlooking the room and the maple design sash appear layered, providing an impressive dining background. From the Japanese room where the eye level is one level higher than conventional, the maple carpet can be seen right below your eyes as the sash is opened, providing a layered viewed of the maple from the room. This atmosphere makes the branding of the hotel with a long history with maple more evident, and the guest room with the maple theme leaves a memorable impression on the guests.

From this guest room renewal, we have utilized the characteristics of the hotel and its location to the maximum extent. We also feel that we have provided both formal and personalized proposals for the rooms which will enable the guests to forget the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and to spend a relaxing moment.


地点 日本, 神户
设计师 Noriaki Takeda, Ikuma Yoshizawa
面积 163.26 m2
摄影 Nacása & Partners Inc. Daisuke Shimokawa




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地点: 日本, 神户