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该方案是由 LOVE architecture and urbanism 设计,位于奥地利。滨河长廊和人行天桥成为项目的亮点,为商业提供灵活丰富的空间。



Currently the urban public energy on the site is very much concentrated in the area on and round about Place Lalla Yeddouna. The areas around the riverbanks are comparatively excluded from urban life and energy. Only on Bin Lamdoun Bridge one can find traffic and livelyness.

As our goal is to emerge urban energy stedily all over the site, first we have to improve urban connections, routings and the urban qualities of the boarderlines alongside the whole plot.

Second is to create urban attractors alongside the riverbanks.

Thirst step is to implement a layer of identification, attractiveness and uniqueness on the plot. All 3 together – in combination with the highest respect for the cultural, historical and religious qualities of the site – will create a vibrant and new mosaic of urban life round about the Place Lalla Yeddouna.

This mosaic combines the qualities of historical traditions and buildings, the skills of the artisans, the spacial beauty of the urban pattern, the uniquness of River Fez with a new, highly identifiable and optimistic approach of the future.


The previously described layer of identification and uniqueness will be realized by a huge roof moving all over the site.

The roof is opened to its edges and is shaped in a way, that it on the one hand fits into the complex urban situation round Place Lalla Yeddouna and on the other hand creates a distinctive and unique identity round the artisans area on Lalla Yeddouna.

All together a new magnetic „market-quartier“ for artisans arises.

The tanneries

We took the impressively structure of the tanneries with its beautyful colours as a starting point for the main roof.

As we saw it we thought: It must be phantasic to see this form the bottom!

Overlapping and cutting

First the structure of the tanneries is adjusted to the plot. Then

the structure will be overlapped with important urban elements: Place Lalla Yeddouna, Bin Lamdoun Bridge and the River Fez.

Then the structure is cut out at situations of certain importance: the Lalla Yeddouna Fountain, the Mulberry Tree and the heritage building III-07.

The ornament

In order to represent artisans work and what their crafts the roof-cuts will be filled with ornaments which maybe could be produced by the artisans themselves:

They consist out of perforated (punched) copper or brass elements. the perforation is dense enough to bring light in, but helps to shade the inside. Direct sunlight will be filtered.

During the day the shadows of the ornaments will move through the building.


Buildings category I

These buildings portray highly protectable representatives of Fez-history. So they will be treated with highest respect. They will be restored to their origin condition. This concerns structure, surfaces, materials and colours.

It would be not serious to describe – out of a distance – the exact strategy how to do it. Therefore we would integrate native specialist in heritage-protection, restaurators, specialist in religious affairs and historians in our team for the second stage of the competition. but the goal for these buildings is clear: treat them with respect and re-transfer them in their origin condition.

Buildings category II

Buildings which will be demolished and rebuildet with the same (or almost the same) footprint. Thereby these new buildings might differ in structure, facade and height from the origins but they create the same spacial impact and urban approach than the former ones. Technically and structurally they are new and contemporarily equiped and thereby they enable higher convenience and a more flexible utilization.

The river edge buildings

The current spacial quality of the houses alongside the river is terrific. Therefore this quality will be preserved. Their footprint will be the same like the origins. Beyond that they open urban life towards the riverside because of their new structure.

New Buildings

Some buildings like the hotel will be new constructions. They are designed to enhance urban qualities like the connections in between the different areas of the Medina.

New Platforms

with e.g. restaurants below

In order to create a lively and colourful athmosphere alongside the river Fez the spacial requirements will be fulfilled by these platforms.

Removed Buildings

To enhance urban qualities some of the existing buildings will be removed. Therefore e.g. new squares or buildings with a better structure for future utilization emerge.


Place Lalla Yeddouna

The square will be carefully and respectfully restaured. It´s original shape and surfaces will be preserved. So the Place Lalla Yeddouna will keep its origin Identity and remains the cultural and traditional heart of the area.

New passage

The new passage alongside the new exhibition space connects Place Lalla Yeddouna with the spactacular Chouara Tanneries in the north.

New square in front of the hotel

It can be used as the restaurant terrace of the hotel. It also connects Place Lalla Yeddouna with the south-western riverbanks. It becomes an urban link with the typical character of the „secret places“ of the Medina.

Bin Lamdoun Bridge

The Bin Lamdoun Bridge will be preserved and restored. The extended height of origin railings will be built back. So in the future the Bridge becomes a Point where visitors can observe the river, its surrounding and the roof – it´s cultural importance will last.

Bin Lamdoun Bridge

The Bin Lamdoun Bridge will be preserved and restored. The extended height of origin railings will be built back. So in the future the Bridge becomes a Point where visitors can observe the river, its surrounding and the roof – it´s cultural importance will last.

Medina Parking Square

Next to the Medina Parking Area a new square will be implemented. This square interconnects the parking area with the site. The combination of square and roof will give visitors a warm and impressive welcome guesture.

Riverbank promenade

Alongside the eastern riverbank a new promenade will emerge. This promenate is marked by its lively character of restaurants and cafés.

New pedestrian bridge

In order to enhance the quality of the pedestrian routing on the site a new pedestrian bridge will be built south of Bin Lamdoun Bridge. This bridge connects the lower levels of the site – restaurants with shops and workshops.

New square

This square links Interconnection Zone B and the new area of Lalla Yeddouna. On the square one can find trees and a small fountain, it represents also the link to the new visitors center.


The Mulberry Tree

on Place Lalla Yeddouna will be preserved. It´s importance will be underlined by the cut in the roof.

Riverbanks of River Fez

The natural and pure riverbanks of River Fez on the south side of Bin Lamdoun Bridge will be preserved. They represent an important „natural“ heritage within the Medina and within the site.

In order to enhance the quality of the river it is desirable to re-naturalize the northern edges of River Fez on the site (if possible).

Thus would lead to better micro-climate-conditions in the area by reducing the rivers flow rate. So fish, vegetation, algae, etc. could emerge by the years – of course only if the general water pollution of River Fez becomes slowly less.

This would also lead to a more beautiful surrounding with the nice sound of ther river.

New landscape elements

Primarily on the new spares and the river promenade new landscape elements will be integrated. There visitors will find typical vegetation elements of Morocco.


The facades of the newly built houses consists of two mafor layers:

1. A layer of wooden foldable doors which defines the frontier of the store | restaurant | workspace behind. Thereby a lively pattern of closed and open doors arises.

2. The layer of the concrete framework which defines walking areas for eg. visitors. So an arcade in between the framework-layer and the shopfronts appear. The surface of the framework could either be natural concrete (kind of roughly processed) or could be covered a layer of claim. Anyhow the surface must have an earthy and „handmade“ style – it should not be slick or technical.


设计事务所 LOVE architecture and urbanism
地点 奥地利




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