Flat in Boyer Street


该项目是由 Koniak Architects 设计,位于以色列特拉维夫的一所新住宅大楼的15层。包括主卧室,客房,浴室,厨房,餐厅,客厅和阳台,视野开阔,集成了现代风格和古典美学。


A 220 m2 Flat, located on the 15th floor of a new residential tower at the northern edge of Tel Aviv and designed for a couple who had just left a large private house after their children had moved out.

Because the clients enjoy entertaining guests regularly the ‘public’ wing of the flat is large, inclusive of the kitchen, dining area, living room and terrace and enjoys the best views, west to the sea and south towards the city centre. The ‘private’ wing includes the Master-bedroom, guest room and bathrooms.

The design integrates a contemporary style with the more classical aesthetic of some of the furniture and objects owned by the clients, in a careful equilibrium.


建筑设计 Koniak Architects
地点 以色列, 特拉维夫
面积 220 m2
摄影 Sezar Mendelbaum




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