Room N3W


该项目是由 gl / Sasaki Yusuke + Sekiguchi Satomi 设计,位于日本北海道。一张在屋子中间的大桌子(1,2×4,8m),使靠近厨房的一侧可以用作餐桌,另一侧可用于写字台。


Before the renovation, the south side of the apartment had three rooms, but they were connected into one generous room. The residents laid these conditions; they want a bookshelf that can hold all their books and also to use few of the chairs they used before. First, a big table (1,2×4,8m) in the middle of the room so that the side near the kitchen can be used as a dining table and the side near the bookshelf can be used as a writing desk.

The table is so big that people can be close by or far yet there is always a feeling of being connected no matter where they sit. Window side floor, (traditional wooden strip of flooring called ‘Engawa’), is made 40 cm higher so that it can be used as a greenhouse or where you can take a nap in the pleasant sunshine.

Around the big table is a place where you can eat, read, lie or grow plants. With few friends they can gather around the table and enjoy coffee and sweets or with more people have one pot dish(‘nabe’)-parties.

Our idea is that the generous room is such a room where residents can feel different possibilities for their daily life.


室内设计 gl
设计师 Sasaki Yusuke + Sekiguchi Satomi
地点 日本, 北海道
摄影 Nagai Anna, gl




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 日本, 北海道