该项目是由 gl / Sasaki Yusuke + Sekiguchi Satomi 设计,位于日本北海道。空间狭小,物品杂乱,预算不多是设计师面临的问题,而受此启发,设计师 将其改造成“营地”,从中能感觉到外面的温度和感受季节变化。


When we visited this apartment before renovation, it felt a bit inconvenient even though the rooms weren’t small. Maybe it was because they were filled with the resident’s shoes, a bicycle, camping equipment including a portable stove and without anyplace to put these made it look rather messy. Big apartment allowed the resident to spread her belongings around the place.

This remodeling had a small budget so we started by building a wall to divide one room into two rooms, one as a Japanese traditional style dirt floor “doma” and the other as a living room with a wooden floor to give a place for the residents belongings. The ‘doma’ was stripped bare of all surface material, roof and floor, to give a feeling of being in a garden. The living room was meant to be used as a relaxing space where you can leave your shoes outside and just lie on the floor. This is the end design.

Residents are living happily. You can put camping chairs to the ‘doma’ and have one pot dish-parties or read a book in the morning light. In winter knit or read on the wooden floor. The resident is thinking about hanging curtains to reduce air volume.

This apartment was originally a normal one room apartment which you can find anywhere in Japan, but it became an apartment where you can enjoy life during the various seasons. ‘Doma’ was intentionally made in such a way that you can feel the outside temperature and feel the changing of seasons.

Inspired by the residents belongings while creating a place indoors, we found new possibilites and use for the Japanese style dirt floor-room. The residents can also arrange the room to whatever they want and enjoy daily life.


室内设计 gl
设计师 Sasaki Yusuke + Sekiguchi Satomi
地点 日本, 北海道




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 日本, 北海道