Interior regional broadcasting company – Omroep Brabant


这是 COEN! 事务所所做的一个室内设计,位于荷兰。设计师将传统与现代完美结合,在有限的预算下,创新展示了新的设计理念。


Omroep Brabant is a regional broadcasting company. It touches the peoples hearts in the Brabant region. COEN! Translated this feeling into the new interior of this organisation. A warm welcome in the entrance hall, a poem and floor pattern about the purple heath and subtle translation of the typical Brabant flag. A visualisation of tradition in a modern entourage.

Everyone is unique. COEN! and his team have the expertise and the people needed to translate this uniqueness into a consistent and powerful corporate identity which fits like a glove.

This office space and media cafe was re-created by COEN! to form a light, colourful and attractive working environment, with an ambience appropriate to a media concern. The design was based on the following points of departure:

The specific identity of the company is evident throughout the interior.

The characteristic items used for the design are at the interface between applied and autonomous art.

The interior design is timeless with colourful accents.

In spite of the limited budget available, it was possible to create a powerful concept. A hanging lamp was especially designed for the new interior of Omroep Brabant. Inside this striking item is covered with a cosy pattern, usually printed on traditional tablecloths. Outside a shiny silver coating refers to the high-tech and innovative new Brabant. Design with a story.


室内设计 COEN!
地点 荷兰
面积 floor 1,600 m2
摄影 © COEN!




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地点: 荷兰