North Star Mixed Use Development


该项目是由 Aedas 设计的一座位于北京的综合办公楼。设计师的灵感来自于自然,建筑空间与自然不是相互竞争,而是自然环境的另一个延续。


This is a mixed use project with 2 office towers sitting on top of a retail podium. The podium consists of 6 above-ground levels and 2 basement levels with total retail space of 44,673sqm. The 2 office towers are approximately 100m high with a total office space of 75,848 sqm.

The design integrates the natural context and surrounding environment, celebrating their characteristics and using them as the driving force behind the overall layout. It was inspired by nature and could be interpreted as water flowing between rocks. The two office towers behave like anchors on each side, while the natural movement of the retail podium flows between them. Maximising natural light was central to the design; ample skylights were placed through the project so daylight penetrates between the towers, highlighting entrances on all four sides of the site. The undulating skylight brings energy to the mall below and enriches the internal space with the dynamic qualities of nature.

Situated next to a park, the project tries to break the boundary between ‘mall’ and ‘park’. Instead of creating a grand entry, the design let circulation flows naturally and turns the park as an extended and integrated part of the mall.

Different from other projects, this design embraces nature not only by bringing in natural lighting, connecting surrounding views, and introducing natural landscape; it also celebrates the sublime beauty and poetic qualities of nature. It sees nature not only as a material source but also an inspiration in architectural spatial design. Man-made space is not competing against nature, but is being conceived as a continuation of its immediate natural surroundings. Through careful juxtaposition, play of light and shadow, views, natural movements, circulations and linkages to the greater city, the design promotes sustainability and encourages people to interact with other people, with nature, and with the city. The project is a true success in leading the sustainable development of the future Beijing city.

Energy and environmental features are incorporated in the design. This undulating skylight, brings natural light to the retail mall and saves energy required for artificial lighting. Engineered Façade – Insulated glass unit with Low-E coating is used at the office towers, while laminated glass with reflective coating is used at the podium to reduce solar heat gain and cooling load.


设计事务所 Aedas
地点 中国, 北京
设计师 Andrew Bromberg




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