Harmonie H at State Himeji Bank


这是一个 Tao Thong Villa Co. Ltd. 和 PROCESS5 DESIGN 共同完成的改造项目,从一家银行变成一所婚庆广场,包括两个宴会厅,婚礼教堂金和一个休闲空间。


We received a request to undertake a project to renovate a building which has coexisted as a bank amid the castle town of Himeji for half a century, located near Himeji Station, into a wedding hall.

When visiting the planned location for the first time, we felt it would be necessary for this building to give the impression that it is a landmark with a historical legacy in the memories of the people of Himeji. Thus, we felt it our construction mission to make this facility into one loved by the people of Himeji.

According to the plan, we decided to create 2 banquet halls, 1 wedding chapel and an attached space.

The wedding chapel named “CHAPEL DE CORDULA” was secured through structural reinforcement of a large 9 meter-high space from the first basement floor to the 3 floor slab.

Giving the impression of stained glass, a total of 210 custom-made pendant lights consisting of 7 colors were suspended. The space encompassed by beautiful lighting is a stadium shape so that the guests may look on the bride and groom and their moment of exchanging vows.

The banquet halls are on the first and third floors. The walls of the first floor banquet hall “HANNELORE” are decorated with various paintings, primarily oil paintings.

The third floor banquet hall “ARTDUCUT” has as its theme elements related to food such as cutlery and flame, and has a lively atmosphere with the operation of a restaurant as well. The banquet hall and the kitchen have a visually open plan with only a sheet of glass partitioning them. From the guest seats, the entire kitchen can be overlooked, being able to enjoy food while sensing the performance of the chefs.

Cafe “Lacer de yuit” located on the first floor was planned so that the customers can enjoy the free atmosphere, open to the town. The entire facility is decorated with paintings and sculptures by domestic and foreign artists, a pleasant welcome to the guests.

The letter “H” contained in the name of facility “HARMONIE H AT STATE HIMEJI BANK” brings to mind many feelings such as ‘Happy,’ ‘Human,’ ‘Harmonie,’ and ‘Himeji,’ all starting with the letter ‘H.’

This ceremony hall which emerged in the historical castle town of Himeji, has become a facility which bonds people, makes visitors happy and aims to achieve harmony with the people of the town.


地点 日本, 兵库县
面积 1976.88 m2




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 日本