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该项目是 PROCESS5 DESIGN 设计的位于日本东京的一家高级西装店。狭窄的空间在设计师的手里成为了亮点,顾客步入店中,丝毫没有感到不适,一个咖啡厅很自然的过渡到服饰空间。


Made-to-order suit shop with a door façade

The first Tokyo branch of Global Style, a made-to-order suit shop, has opened in Kanda, the textile quarter of eastern Tokyo. Kanda is home to a number of pharmaceutical and trading companies and it was assumed that the main customer target would be businessmen passing the shop. As it is also within walking distance from Akihabara, it was considered that people who normally don’t have much to do with suits would also pass by.

The project site is a tall, street-front shop as narrow as an eel owned by a parent company that originally ran a material distribution business. We imagined that it would be difficult to entice customers into the shop as it has narrow frontage even though it extends back quite far. The client had the idea that they wanted their customers to enjoy made-to-order suits in a laidback manner rather than being like existing shops that are awkward to approach. There was the question of how to entice customers into the shop and how to get them to step over the threshold without feeling intimidated.

 The plan was first of all to divide the floor space into two parts – the shop front and the back of the shop. The shop front plan was to have a free space with fashion magazines and books and simple refreshments to entice customers into the shop in a laidback manner. The plan for the back of the shop was to have a made-to-order suit space with all the necessities such as cases displaying suit materials and gauges and fitting rooms. The free space and the made-to-order suit space were loosely divided by a hanging partition wall while cutting back on materials. Staff freely develop the display straddling both the free space and the made-to-order suit space. As a result, the plan was that customers who come into the shop in the same carefree manner that they would come into a café would be led naturally into the made-to-order suit space at the back.

The exterior walls are a door-like façade produced from incombustible wood with the shop logo that express an entrance to a made-to-order suit shop designed by our company in the past.

This is a design which was planned to have a part of the door penetrate into the interior of the building in order to attract customers who are walking past on the pavement in front to come into the shop. The colour of the wood of the exterior walls and the furniture inside is bright in order to sweep away the solemn image of traditional made-to-order suit shops.

We created a shop where customers can find made-to-order suits in a casual and laidback manner as part of fashion and can become an even better version of themselves.


设计师 Ikuma Yoshizawa, Noriaki Takeda, Tatsuya Horii
地点 日本, 东京
面积 60.819 m2




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地点: 日本, 东京