该项目是 PROCESS5 DESIGN 设计的位于的日本一所住宅。炫彩的灯光是整个设计中最大的亮点。


“Hospitality space that made the best use of local material and feeling”

We proposed to make the place where original interest and new activity being arise that was only here by researching local environment and characteristic with the owner at the renewal this time.

As a result of verifying various possibilities, we made the hot spring that sprang up from the river beach that flowed in front of the site a theme. About guest room

We planned a big outdoor hot spring to the area of the guest room, and proposed “Outdoor hot spring with the guest room” that can spend the time of the outdoor hot spring base in a big united bathtub where the footbath in addition to whole-body bathing was able to be done.

“Kawayu onsen Fujiya Ryokan” Data

Designer / PROCESS5 DESIGN Noriaki Takeda, Ikuma Yoshizawa

Contractor / INOUE CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Toshio Inoue, Tominori Enomoto

Lighting designer / Yamagiwa Corp. Takenori Yoshida, Takahiro Tanaka

Lighting wall of Japanese cedar board producer / Akari Yoshino Hisayo Sakamoto

Bathtub producer / Hinokisouken Inc. Tatsumi Horiuchi

Furniture coordinator / ACTUS Shinsaibashi Sachiko Umachi

CG producer / ATELIER seam


设计师 Noriaki Takeda, Ikuma Yoshizawa
地点 日本
面积 345.15 m2




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 日本