Bridal Magic


该项目是由 TAO THONG VILLA Co., Ltd. + PROCESS5 DESIGN 完成,位于日本的服饰店室内设计。店内主要销售与婚礼相关的服饰,设计师精心设计了试衣间,接待间,并为客户创造了舒适的展示空间。


Many people of all nationalities throng the main street that leads from JR Himeji Station to the World Heritage Site of Himeji Castle.

Dress shop “Bridal Magic” is located in a side street just off this main street and was planned as a related facility in anticipation of the wedding hall that will face on to the main street (opening in March 2011).

The floor plan was created so that fitting rooms are located in the middle of the space and reception, waiting and dress display spaces are arranged around these.

All four walls surrounding the fitting rooms are mirrored and randomly inlaid with frames.

Some of these frames simply contain mirrors but others contain displays of accessories, apertures, lighting equipment and handles for the fitting room doors.

This use of space surprises customers and creates an encounter with a stunning dress.

This dress shop evokes the feelings of expectation and exaltation of the bride, who is the centre of attention, with respect to her wedding.


设计师 Hidekki Kureha, Noriaki Takeda, Ikuma Yoshizawa
地点 日本
面积 total 183.36 m2
摄影 TAO THONG VILLA Co.,ltd. Tsubasa Nukii




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 日本