Alchemie Eco Spa


该项目是由 PARAVANT ARCHITECTS 完成,位于美国的一所 spa 室内设计。设计师注重色彩搭配,暖色调一直延伸到大厅,明亮的白色台面和质感的白色墙面,让客户产生视觉兴趣。


The layering of space from public to private was the design motif for the Alchemie Spa project. This was accomplished both organizationally and visually in the programmatic function of the spaces and in their accompanying textures and colors. Natural and inviting colors and textures were chosen to enhance the sensorial experience for the spa client.

The recessed volumes at the windows and doors, rich wood siding and window boxes with plantings extend the space of the lobby out to the street, making a welcome and inviting entry. The warm wood tones extend into the lobby, drawing the eye into the space, where bright white countertops and textured white wall surfaces create visual interest. The light, airy quality of the lobby space reinforces its public nature and creates a dynamic presence from the street.

Partition walls, screens and changes in ceiling and floor height divide the lobby space into more private zones of the spa, while still maintaining a sense of openness. Low lighting levels and smaller spaces emphasize the semi-private nature of the circulation hallway and bathrooms, creating more shadows and a more intimate feel as you travel to the treatment rooms. The most private spaces of the spa are the treatment rooms. Dramatic lighting on the accent walls along with the warm tones and textures of the materials help create a soothing environment that relaxes the client and contributes to their overall enjoyment of the spa experience.


地点 美国
面积 2300 sq.ft.
摄影 Andre Movsesyan




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地点: 美国