The Catalyst – 步行天桥


这个项目是 Mike McSwain Architect 设计的一座步行天桥,位于美国路易斯安那州。设计师想要360度全景展示城市景观,桥头处有礼品店和餐厅,方便人们购物和餐饮。


This project was for a pedestrian bridge to connect sister cities of Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. Our concept was for the user to have one sided views as they journey to the center of the bridge, where one is welcomed with full 360 degree views of the river and the two cities. The mesh screens offer limited visibility. On each side of the bridge, about a third of the way, is a restaurant and gift shop offering users the chance for a retail and dining experience. The design utilizes a spine like frame work that moves the communities most vital elements – people! The space is dynamic and intriguing and adds a unique icon to the cities.

The following is a poem that captures the design:

Pedestrian Bridge

Catalyst for a merge of two cities

Intersecting at respective hearts

Paralleling footsteps with one-sided views

Until the embrace

The view is unobstructed

360 degrees of progress


建筑设计 Mike McSwain Architect, LLC
项目建筑师 Mike McSwain
地点 美国




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目录: 建筑, 交通
地点: 美国