Suzhou Corporate Headquarters


该项目是 Mike McSwain Architect 完成的位于苏州工业园区的方案设计。 错综复杂的建筑外观设计,复制了大自然的无限可能性。


The seeds for this new research and development center emerge from the earth, inspiration as simple as a snail was used in proclaiming to all that we are “born to dream.” the concept is one that combined the various and intricate designs created by the well known Golden Section, while also continuing the overall snail theme. The site is located in the modern Suzhou Industrial Park, which is also positioned in the midst of tranquil rolling hillsides. This fusion reflects the dreams to come in the future, not only for further research and development, but also the new Suzhou. This structure, while offering serene spaces that contrast, also complement the modernity of the Park.

The snail, which symbolizes rebirth, is known as a devinatious animal in many cultures. An unassuming, determined and intricately beautiful creature, the snail is the perfect representation for this project. To solve the seemingly impossible design task of building an office building that states nature, creativity, and innovation, we let concepts build one upon another like the spiral of a snails shell. The Golden Section is out main design unit. It is used to create the modular unit structure shown here. Compounding and stacking these units create interesting patterns and intricate designs within designs that replicate nature’s infinite possibilities. We designed with a natural consciousness by rendering the structure out of a man-made mountain. Features include lakes, waterfalls, and inviting courtyards. Animals are even planned to roam the lush landscaping of this project. An inspiring space for inspiring work.


建筑设计 Mike McSwain Architect, LLC
项目建筑师 Mike McSwain
地点 中国, 苏州




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