LGS 住宅


该项目是 Manuel Cerdá Pérez (MCP ARQUITECTURA) + Julio Vila Liante 设计的位于西班牙的一所住宅。设计师用很少的元素,墙壁,玻璃,家具,天花板来重新定义空间的概念。


We were surprised by the unusual initial idea put forward by the client: “I would like to have a house the sun does not shine into”. We did not have a previous programme, so we worked on the idea of architecture of feeling, space as landscape, all developed in a playful way.

We used very few elements: walls, glass, furniture and filters. The space is defined by manufactured exercises: folding, bending, looking for the emptiness between walls, slabs and ceilings, treated as 3D elements of equal value.

A walk around the perimeter wall explains how it turns and is transformed into a thin line of glass that protects a space in the inner part of the plot. Everywhere is the same. In or out are just physical states. Glass, as a minimum to keep a good temperature, disappears blending the house and courtyard into one.

The programme is defined placing the storage systems and services freely, as if they were lumps in this liquid space. Through their positions between the floor and ceiling planes we define different areas in a continuous fluid space.

The spatial continuity of floors and ceilings makes the dividing wall a part of the interior space and vice-versa. But it is not modern transparency. It is not. Here, the courtyard, as a thick perimeter space, of solid light, becomes part of the inside.

The house is adapted to the space by the wall bends on the dividing walls. Adjacent but detached at the same time, it becomes formally and conceptually independent from the built environment.


建筑设计 Manuel Cerdá Pérez (MCP ARQUITECTURA) + Julio Vila Liante
项目建筑师 Manuel Cerdá Pérez (MCP ARQUITECTURA) + Julio Vila Liante
地点 西班牙, 瓦伦西亚
面积 223.41 m2
摄影 Joan Roig – Manuel Cerdá




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目录: 建筑, 住宅