Ronda Barceló 公寓


该项目是来自Brullet – de Luna i Associats S.L.P. 设计的位于西班牙的一座公寓。包含96个公寓单元, 120个停车位,以及一些零售店。


The housing unit project falls within the urban organisation, undertaken by BrulletDeLuna, which structures the arrival to the sea of the Ronda Barceló. This organisation proposes a strong consolidation of the façade of the Ronda culminating in a housing block that will become a new reference centre of the Mataró coastline.

The housing units in the Ronda Barceló are the first ones built within this large urban plan. Even from its section –which defines a large porch with shops– the establishment of the housing units deals with defining the future urban promenade that will retrace the Ronda Barceló.

The typology seeks housing units that are spatially generous and full of light. The placement makes it possible for the housing units to open up to both the more public setting of the Ronda and the more sheltered interior of the block, while at the same time enabling good climatic control due to the crossed ventilation.


建筑设计 Brullet – de Luna i Associats S.L.P.
项目建筑师 Manuel Brullet, Alfonso de Luna
地点 西班牙
面积 gross floor 20,104 m2
摄影 Juny Brullet




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙