Mount Peak


该项目是由 ANOTHER DESIGN INTERNATIONAL 完成,位于香港的一所公寓的室内设计,并且获得A’ Design 奖。


Pal Pang bags the coveted Italian A’ Design Award: When East Meets West in Interior Design Innovation

In what can be described as a breakthrough in his interior design career, Pal Pang became the first Chinese to take home this year’s A’ Design Award. This spells greater diversity and overall victory for the international interior design population, as Pang’s creativity is sharply astute to the needs of the fastest growing market in the world – China.

He says, “As a Hongkonger, I truly understand and have a clear grasp of the needs and preferences of the China market. When buying American and Italian brands, we are big on the culture behind the design. Italian manufacturers have shown interest in the China market and I am in a good position to help them towards establishing this goal”.

The Famous A’ Design Award and Competitions

Paying homage to the timelessness of great designs, the A’ Design Award and Competition is the international benchmark in deciding on the best designs – both concept stage and prototype or finished products. The competition has 40 categories, ranging from interior and exterior architecture, appliances and heavy machinery, IT software and hardware, food and beverage, media and social and design.

The A’ Design Award and Competitions is considered a world-class premier competition that is judged by a respectable panel of jurors, who exist in three specialised groups: Focus Group, Academic and Professional.

Based on the high level of quality and creativity, this competition honours the best designers, architects, engineers and design studios and design-oriented companies. Past winners include Rob Van Puljenbroek’s “Le Cube A Sofa”, André Gurgel’s “Fluens Loveseat” and Salvatore Guzzo’s “Dhyana Armchair”

‘Mount Peak’ – Strength of the Past in Future Architecture

In May 2012, Pal Pang attended the A’ Design Award and Competitions held in Italy and secured the acclaimed A’ Design Award in the A’ Excellence in Design, beating notables from around the world with his luscious design – “Mount Peak”.

Pal Pang’s interior architecture wowed the judges with his daring use of futuristic geometric planes and materials, marrying them with the traditional elements of wood, steel and glass. His personal philosophy of integrating the elements of film, effects of light, sound and visual composition come together with his tactile attributes to complete the sensory experience, making Pang an outright winner among his creative peers.


设计师 彭裕仁
地点 中国, 香港
摄影 Virgin Simon Bertrand




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