au Shop Yurakucho


这是 Torafu Architects 完成的一个数码产品零售店的室内设计,位于日本东京。通过使用分层的布局,从而使得连续的空间产生变化的感觉。


Situated near the JR Yurakucho station in the conveniently located Yurakucho-Ginza area, we were tasked with providing a new image for the interior design of the au Shop that would depart from existing mobile phone shops. In order to become an integrated communications shop providing fixed line and WiFi equipment, in addition to mobile phones, we suggested a space showcasing a variety of products in a presentation that would be easy to understand even to first-time customers.

We proposed a configuration where the consecutive spaces seem to change by using a layered layout that makes the most out of the peculiar L-shaped plane extending to the back of the project area found on the first floor of a building nested between Harumi Street and the rail tracks. While based on the white neutral space associated with the image of existing shops, the finishing of each product area is made unique by the usage of cemented excelsior board painted black, vibration finish stainless steel and wood. However, the effect does not depend on layered zoning POP and relies on the easy classification of products as well as on framing to emphasize each area. The reception and waiting area at the end of the tunnel extending from the entrance is furnished with sofas, ticket dispensers and a water server. The curved profile of the furniture gives a softer impression, contrasting with the straight lines that make up the space.

The interior space can be seen through the facade, framed by a multi-layered tunnel that subtly bridges the boundary between the shop and the street.

Principle use: SHOP

Facility design: On&Off(Lightings)

Production: Carry on / Ishimaru / INVARS


Building site: Yurakucho Tokyo

Total floor area: 169.80m2

Design period: 2011.12-2012.04

Construction period: 2012.03-04

Photo: Daici Ano


室内设计 Torafu Architects
地点 日本, 东京
面积 total floor 169.80 m2
摄影 Daici Ano




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地点: 日本, 东京