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这是 Studio Guilherme Torres 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于巴西。基于项目所面临的条件(陡峭的地面、广阔的空间以及大块的混凝土结构),建筑师试图打造一个性感的建筑,在光与影的掩映下,建筑师展现了一个能够激发人情绪与好奇心的建筑。


Beneath the lights and shadows, the young Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres reveals in this house located in the south of Brazil, the balance between the opposites, appraising volumetries with lights and shadows. Guilherme explains that he aimed for a “Sensual architecture” in front of all the imposed conditions (steep lot, wide space and concrete blocks as the main raw-material for the construction). “This architecture aims to stimulate curiosity and emotions. The interesting part is the non-obviousness and the fitting sensation of the environments and of the big concrete boards. It is necessary to feel the house as a whole in order to perceive the dynamic of spaces”, explains the architect.

The first sketches of this project started in 2001. From then on, the works started, but due to some setbacks the construction was suspended and the lot was sold to the new owners. The current owners – a couple with two small children, requested some modifications and Guilherme reassumed the project, which was concluded in 2007. The owners acquired the neighbor’s lots to be attached to the project in the future.

The environments were planned and disposed in three pavements in a very clever way. The entrance of the house gives the access to the middle floor, where all the social areas are located (the living room is integrated to the dining room and the kitchen). The intimate areas (four suites: one for the couple, two for the children and another one for guests) were planned for the upper floor. The leisure area occupies the ground floor in an integrated and functional way. Besides that, the pool with 150 m2, follows the surroundings of the house, and guarantees a unique style for the external area.


建筑设计 Studio Guilherme Torres
项目建筑师 Guilherme Torres
地点 巴西
面积 floor 958 m2
摄影 Beto Consorte




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 巴西