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这是 Rune Fjord 与 Rosan Bosch 为一个大学的创新实验室所做的室内设计,位于丹麦。在创新的主题下,设计师别出心裁的设计了一套可即插即用的家具,可以令用户方便的组织空间。


For Innovation Lab’s new space at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rune Fjord has in cooperation with Rosan Bosch (the former Bosch & Fjord) created a furniture system based on the premise of ‘innovation’, that is, the ‘plug and play’ approach to furniture design. It lets an organisation refurnish, relocate or grow and shrink without difficulty.

An organisation that always needs to be on top of the latest developments has to be extremely agile, both physically and mentally. Based on the condition of moving, the system considers possibilities for rearranging rooms and combining elements and is intended for an innovative organisational structure in constant change. It consists of big shipping crates that work as modules with various items on the inside, for example a work station, part of a conference room or a kitchen. The crates are designed to fit into any standard building. When the crates are brought into the building from the lorry, they are placed in a room and opened. Each function has its own crate with its own explicit identity and design.

The crates include three different kinds of work stations, which let individual employees choose their own place according to character, need or mood. There is a small, intimate meeting room with a green lounge sofa and a video conference room built as a light green ‘blue-screen film studio’, enabling employees to choose between backgrounds for video conferences. There is also a pink kitchen box as well as a big biomorphic work table with a palm tree in the centre. The crates can be combined into rooms with doors closed or left open. When an organisation such as Innovation Lab has to relocate again, all they have to do is put the covers back on the boxes and haul them out of the building and into the new space. The system takes only two hours to pack and another two hours to unpack. The furniture system considers the diversity and individuality of the employees. It is a consequence of the modern corporate need for flexibility and innovation.


室内设计 Rune Fjord & Rosan Bosch
设计师 Rune Fjord & Rosan Bosch
地点 丹麦
摄影 Anders Sune Berg




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