这是 Rune Fjord 与 Rosan Bosch 为LEGO集团的开发部门所做的办公室内设计,位于丹麦。设计师倾力打造了一系列别致的会议室、接待室、咖啡馆以及项目室,从而最大程度上激发员工的开发进程。整个室内设计充分反映了开发部门的企业价值观:合作与分享。


LEGO Group in Billund is a creative, multinational working place. By inviting Rune Fjord and Rosan Bosch (the former Bosch & Fjord) to design their development department LEGO acquired an interior that mirrors the corporate values. Cooperation and knowledge sharing is not just something that happens between the people who work there; it is also visible in the interior design of the development department, where Rune Fjord and Rosan Bosch designed a series of meeting rooms, a reception and cafe area as well as several project rooms in order to inspire and challenge the employees and increase the ongoing development process at LEGO Group’s development department.

Innovation begins at the entrance to LEGO Group’s development department. The visitor steps directly into a dynamic reception area where the reception desk is part of a cafe area that welcomes visitors, and where employees are having coffee, informal meetings or lunch. It is a very lively and dynamic place, buzzing with activities and people. The cafe is divided into three areas, each with its own character and functionality, inviting different types of meetings and gatherings. There is the ‘Dining Area’ with a long black common table and a book case, the ‘Cafe’ area with white furniture and a shadow decoration in the windows, and the ‘Lounge’ with long, red benches, white tables and wall paper with an organic design. The reception desk is part of a huge organically shaped high table winding through the room on the green floor, which acts as a reception counter, a buffet and a dining table. The table places the receptionist on eye level with the visitors, which creates a direct and engaging reception situation that makes people feel welcome.

In LEGO Group’s development department, Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord also designed 13 meeting rooms, each with a unique identity. There are meeting rooms for large and small meetings, for short and long meetings, for development and brainstorm meetings, for confidential and intimate meetings, for formal business meetings, etc. The design and the creative solutions stimulate more than just the working processes. The employees are personally challenged and motivated, which in turn contributes to a healthy and comfortable working environment and boosts the ongoing development process within the company.


室内设计 Rune Fjord & Rosan Bosch
设计师 Rune Fjord & Rosan Bosch
地点 丹麦
摄影 Anders Sune Berg




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地点: 丹麦