Classroom of the Future


这是 LAVA 完成的一个课堂的建筑设计,位于澳大利亚。项目的特点是可持续性、与景观结合、与学校连接、适合预制及大规模定制。这个蜂窝状的学习空间强化了人类与自然、科技之间的连接。


LAVA`s school relocatable is a learning space for the future. The classroom for 21st century learning is sustainable, integrates with the landscape, connects with the school environment, and is suitable for prefabrication and mass customisation.

Relocatables are the decades old solution to changing demographics, remote community needs, and natural disasters. Unsightly, they are perceived as cheap and unpleasant spaces

This idea is upturned with spaces that are sustainable, practical, costeffective whilst making learning fun and exciting.

Sustainable design includes prefabrication, eco-materials, symmetrical repeatable geometry, and small lightweight easily transportable modular elements. The modular façade system is manually operable, flexible for light and shade, enclosed space or open space, bringing the outside in or the inside out. Mass customisation is low cost, low carbon, with off-site prefabrication allowing responsive assembly, and adapts to varied climates, unusual configurations and topographies.

The ‘three axis’ geometry design allows interlocking of various configurations to adapt to changing class sizes, learning clusters and future learning methods.

This cellular space for learning strengthens the connection between mankind, nature and technology.

The design received a ‘Jury Special Mention’ in the Australian Future Proofing School competition and was on show in December 2011 at the Wunderlich Gallery, University of Melbourne.


建筑设计 LAVA – Laboratory for Visionary Architecture
项目建筑师 Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck
地点 澳大利亚
面积 60-180 m2 each




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目录: 建筑, 教育
地点: 澳大利亚