Salongen 35


这是 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于瑞典。建筑除了是一个passive house外,还添加了许多措施来增进生态可持续性。


In April 2009 Kjellgren Kaminsky won an open competition for passive houses with the builder Höllviksnäs Förvaltnings AB. The competition was organized by city of Malmö for the last vacant site in Bo01 housing exhibition area, western harbor. Now the houses are to be built.


In addition to being passive houses the buildings will also have a number of further measures for ecological sustainability:1. All homes will be equipped with solar panels.2. All homes have exterior venetian blinds . This will allow winter sun to enter and the building while s ummer sun is reduced. 3. Flower boxes , lawns, green walls and roofs make the area into a oasis.4. Environmentally friendly building materials will be widely used; for instance all wood is FSC certified.5. All appliances are A rated for minimum energy consumption. 6. All taps are designed for minimal water consumption. 7. Inhabitants are offered green electricity.


Along the west side of plot a micro park with plants and benches creates varied street space for meetings between residents and visitors.


In order to give each house its own character they have different cladding materials; plaster, fiber cement boards and wood. Aluzink is used for the roof. Architecturally t he houses are linked by giving them a similar detailing, which also gives the buildings their human scale and unique expression. There will be flower boxes of white perforated metal in selected windows, for instance bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. All windows doors will have a thin frame made out of different materials for each house.


A material palette where rustic, earthy materials are contrasted with minimalism. Recycled materials keep prices lower and are environmentally friendly, furthermore, a beautiful patina is included from start. Entrance, laundry and kitchen´s floors are made of recycled terracotta. In the living room and in dining floor are made of a rustic resistant woodcubes whitewashed pine. The staircase between the floors is in brushed pine. In order to get more light in the apartments and give surprising views of the surroundings, splayed parts some windows have mirrors.


建筑设计 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
项目团队 Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Oscar Arnklitt, Daniel Andersson, Marie Löwenherz, Allesssandro Micelli
地点 瑞典
面积 500 m2
摄影 Kasper Dudzik




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 瑞典