Washington Square Plaza


这是 estudioOCA 完成的一个步行广场的景观设计,位于美国。该广场将取代现有的一个小型公共空间,广场包含了地铁出入口、公共座椅、草坪以及现有餐厅的室外用餐区。


This study for the treatment of the future subway extension to North Beach takes into consideration the historic value of the neighborhood and existing park, and attempts to create an improved pedestrian experience while minimizing the impact on the community. The proposed plaza replaces a small, inaccessible landscaped area and a short section of Powell Street, creating a unified pedestrian plaza containing the primary subway entrance, public seating, a public lawn, and outdoor dining areas for the existing restaurants. Views down Powell Street to the bay are maintained.

The removal of existing vegetation required for construction of the subway provides new opportunities for the creation of a vibrant pedestrian plaza at this important intersection. The design of the new plaza aims to open up views of the existing commercial buildings and act as a counterpart to the existing park, providing a more urbanized environment and focusing on the interaction of the public. Two seating areas provide spaces to relax, large enough to allow for lying down in the sun or for groups to congregate. These concrete seats loop around the site, their shapes conforming to studied circulation patterns, and form two grass islands with flowering trees. This provides seating to view the show of public life.

Closing the short section of Powell Street allows for the expansion of outdoor dining options at the existing restaurants. Between the dining and the loop seating at the subway entrance, a large flex space is formed to allow for the inevitable and the unknown. Taking advantage of this busy intersection, this space can be given over to public markets, small concerts, or protests. The plaza is built entirely of white concrete, allowing this public space and the events to be the main focus. During the day, bright magenta chairs are put out, the color contrasting with the rest of the plaza, signifying their public use.

Project Info:

Project Name: Washington Square Plaza

Location: San Francisco, California

Designers: Bryan Cantwell, Ignacio Ortinez

Design Firm: estudioOCA

Client: City of San Francisco

Project Size: 20,700 Square Feet

Image Credit: Bryan Cantwell

Services Provided: Conceptual Design


景观设计 estudioOCA
项目团队 Bryan Cantwell, Ignacio Ortinez
地点 美国
面积 20,700 Square Feet




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目录: 景观, 公共空间
地点: 美国