Horizontal Space


这是 Damilanostudioarchitects 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于意大利。建筑位于意大利西北部海拔800米以上的一个山区,由一系列高度相同的建筑块组成,它们在水平向上移动,并根据功能或填充或排空。一颗俏皮的石榴树标识着住宅的入口。


Horizontal Space is localized in Piemonte in northwest Italy a mountain area at 800 meters above sea level and the closest city is Cuneo.

Horizontal Space is a composition of pure volume of constant height, they moved horizontally and emptied or filled according to the function. A pomegranate highlights the access side.

Wide steps leading to the entrance introducing a longitudinal consecutive spaces.

Born to be divided into two units, the house is characterized by a large central hall, on the main breaks in the structure ca projected towards the outside with a wooden roof.

The living room, passing from one part of the house, opens with large windows to the garden and into the country. The teak floors warm environment and a stone wall covered with white sheets to create a staggered back almost sculptural material. The cuisine is characterized by a horizontal cut above the work plan, which frames the mountain and the nearby town of farms. In sleeping master a fifth stone fossil health by dividing the room and generates large shower with a satin flat floor. A translucent sliding island ideally the bathroom.

The villa also has two bedrooms with their bathroom, a laundry and a bathroom for the living area.

The front of the rear, much more austere, has a balcony of the service and the opening of the premises in the basement used as a gym, garage and local technicians.


建筑设计 Damilanostudioarchitects
项目建筑师 Duilio Damilano
地点 意大利
面积 400 m2
摄影 Andrea Martiradonna




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 意大利