Sustainable Townhouses


这是 C. F. Møller Architects 完成的一个住宅项目的建筑设计,位于瑞典。建筑所在地前身曾是斯德哥尔摩的一个工业区的煤气厂,旧厂房的红砖与简单的几何形状,以及该地区的绿色生态激发了设计师的灵感。该项目也是可持续发展的一个经典的解决方案,其目标是致力于在2030年在该地区结束使用石化燃料。


Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm is known worldwide as an exemplary example of how a former industrial port area can be transformed into a sustainable urban development. Now Stockholm is planning yet another high-profile environmental area on the harbourfront called Norra Djurgaardsstaden. Here, C. F. Møller Architects has won the competition for a town house development.

The town houses, 18 in total, will be neighbouring a former gasworks, which will house the district’s cultural centre, as well as Husarviken, which flows into the archipelago, and the Stockholm National City Park. The architecture is inspired by the gasworks’ red bricks and simple geometry and by the area’s green qualities.

The residences, five different types all in all, will be built as staggered modules, a solution creating unique homes with rich daylighting and splendid views of the waterside. The design also gives room to private outdoor spaces and terraces.

The project makes it possible to live a modern life based on sustainable solutions.

The aim of the Norra Djurgaardsstaden housing district is to adapt to global climate changes, so that in 2030 the district will no longer make use of fossil fuels – and thereby not contribute to the emission of CO2. The energy consumption of the living units will not exceed 55 kWh/m²/year, including a maximum of 15 kWh/ m²/year used for electricity.

The energy consumption will be minimized by means of the massing of the buildings, for example, the town houses are staggered in order to maximize daylight and have dense constructions. Also contributing are solutions such as intelligent lighting, solar panels for heating, and heat recovery.

Characteristic for the town houses will also be green roofs with e.g. wild honeysuckle and herbs, which – along with a landscaped pond in the common yard – will collect rainwater, convert CO2, and provide a fertile ground for biodiversity.

The sustainable approach is continuous throughout the building life cycle – from construction phase to operational phase and a possible later decomposition phase, i.e. Cradle to Cradle Design.


建筑设计 C. F. Møller Architects
地点 瑞典
面积 3,000 m2




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地点: 瑞典