East Village Lofts


这是 Bercy Chen Studio 完成的一个商住两用项目的建筑设计,位于美国。项目包括11个零售店与小型办公室,以及20套住宅公寓。独特的太阳能屏是该设计方案荣获3星级绿色建筑的一个方面。


Located in the Revitalization District of East 11th Street, this vertical mixed-use project will become unique focal point in a quickly growing neighborhood. The project includes 11 retail stores and offices, 20 residential condominiums, and roof top decks accessible by all residents. The unique solar screen is just one of the many aspects of the design that contributes to the 3-Star Green Building Rating.

The design of the building incorporates modest materials in creative and dynamic ways. The entire ground level is full height glass mounted in front of a steel structure. This gives the illusion of the entire building floating on cubes of glass. To further enhance the visual `lightness` of the building, the entrance to the site is under a long span steel truss that supports 2 stories of residential units across a 65 ft span. The upper south and west facades are shielded from the hot Texas sun with a multi-faceted colorful steel panel screen which double as a shading device and guardrails for the residential balconies.

East Village seeks to capture the diversity of the neighborhood by developing a dynamic and creative environment for its residents, combining retail shops and small commercial offices with residential units on the upper floors. On the fourth floor are two green roofs; each with a wonderful view into downtown.


建筑设计 Bercy Chen Studio
项目建筑师 Fred Hubnik, Thomas Bercy, Calvin Chen
地点 美国
面积 28,800 square feet
摄影 Ryan Michael




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国