USJ Campus de L’Innovation et du Sport


这是 109 Architects 完成的一个校园的建筑设计,位于黎巴嫩。新校园采取了与城市情境息息相关的设计方法,建筑从物理上、文化上以及历史上深深的融入到贝鲁特的城市组织中去。


This new campus takes a contextual approach, integrating physically, culturally, and historically with Beirut’s urban tissue. Conceptually an urban block with sculpted voids, the building’s hollow spaces define six autonomous blocks and construct multiple viewpoints across Beirut, connecting students to their dynamic setting. The voids also generate a street-level meeting space, which flows fluidly to the top floor in the form of a massive staircase. It concludes at a landscaped terrace overlooking the city. Light is a vital element in oriental architecture and one that shapes its style and identity; the campus exposes alternate light qualities through Moucharabieh-inspired perforations and a polycarbonate volume. Such manipulation presents a striking contrast in filtered light and luminescence. A stylized random-opening treatment is a snapshot of the Lebanese War, lending a poetic glimpse into the reality of destruction and violence.


建筑设计 109 Architects in collaboration with Youssef Tohme
项目建筑师 Ibrahim Berberi, Michel Georr, Nada Assaf, Rani Boustani, Etienne Nassar, Emile Khayat, Naja Chidiac, Richard Kassab
地点 黎巴嫩, 贝鲁特
面积 55,000 m2 (construction)
摄影 109 Architectes / Albert Saikaly




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USJ Campus de L’Innovation et du Sport, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
地点: 黎巴嫩, 贝鲁特