Apartment in San Sebastian


这是 pauzarq 完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于西班牙。公寓曾经的布局古老而陈旧,一个一个独立的房间由一根长而暗的走廊连接。新的设计将旧的小格子都移除掉,全新的布局令房间焕然一新。


The renovated flat is located in a residential building in the district of Gros, a few steps away from the Zurriola beach in San Sebastian. The old apartment layout was characterized by the succession of different independent rooms, communicated through a long and dark distributing corridor. This situation generated the division of the wide bay window into three separate pieces, impeding its overall perception.

With the renovation, the partitions are removed and the bay window is recovered as the cornerstone of the apartment where the kitchen- living – dining room is located. That is the public area of the flat, close to the entry. The orientation is double-facing, allowing double cross ventilation and lighting in this centrepiece of the home. A partition with dual function wall /shelf, with two entrances and one half-height hole, separates the living room of the hall-corridor-kitchen. The smooth transition in the colors of the decoration also contributes to the separation of the spaces. The white of the windows and furniture darkens in light gray on the walls and concrete pillars up to the most intense gray of the shelf to make way for the dark tiles in the kitchen you can see from the window.

With the new layout, the apartment keeps three bedrooms located at the ends of the house, all three with private balcony facing the street and connected by the corridor.

The reform aims to enhance the structural value of the building and for that we discover the concrete beams and pillars of the centrepiece. The visual potential of these elements added to the great floor-to-ceiling height of the flat gives to this area its prominent role. Light-bulb pendants with slack bare cords hang form the apartment ceiling.

We decided to keep the old wooden floor, painting it in dark grey. So the new partitions should be light, taking care of the feeling they appear to levitate above the continuous original floor. Consequently we executed a recessed skirting solution that runs the flat and adapts as a door frame. Ceiling in between the concrete beams is painted in white.


室内设计 pauzarq
设计师 Felipe Pérez Aurtenetxe, Elena Usabiaga Usandizaga, Gerardo Zarrabeitia Ullíbarri
地点 西班牙
面积 95 m2
摄影 Felipe Pérez Aurtenetxe / pauzarq




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 西班牙