Space Time Continuum


这是 Nomad Office Architects 完成的一个艺术作品的建筑设计,位于香港。项目的名称Time Space Continuum反映了体育比赛所包含的时间与空间两个基本范畴。


Time Space Continuum

-Capturing Slices of Life

at Moments in Time

Sport encompasses the whole person development. Sports science can trace its origins to ancient Greece. It is not surprising to claim that sport competition and ancient Socratic philosophy both aim at virtue and human excellence. They share similarities such as knowledge seeking, questioning and challenging of oneself.

Time and Space are the two fundamental paradigms of all sport racing. In our artwork ‘ Time Space Continuum’, we will raise public’s curiosity and questions towards these two distinct concepts. What is Time? Is Time physical or psychological? Is Time absolute or relative? Is Time an illusion? Is Time dividable? Is Space Time composed of multiple frozen moments ‘time slices’?

Unlike any frozen sculpture, we intended to create a temporal sculpture which best depicts the Time Space concept by engaging natural phenomenons of light and reflection. During daytime, the play of light and reflection will camouflage artwork with greater context. At night, the glass slices will be lit as mass of lighting sculpture.

People’s movements through this passage of time will be broken up, dissected and re-assembled in an abstract slices of reflections, to see and be seen from multitude of viewpoints. Public’s engagement, self question and interpretation of the distinct Time and Space concept will help to define and complement the artwork.


建筑设计 Nomad Office Architects
项目建筑师 Larry Tsoi, Justin Law
地点 中国, 香港
面积 10m x 10m




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 中国