UP (Ultimate Pulse)


这是 Legge Lewis Legge 完成的一个临时用于庆贺新年的景观的设计,位于美国。这个临时性的结构搭建了一个宁静、迷人同时令人沉思的空间,在新年交替的短短24小时之内,这个建筑就如绽放的烟花般美丽。


Commissioned by First Night Austin 2008 for the city’s New Years Eve celebration, this temporary structure formed a serene, contemplative and mesmerizing respite during the chaotic revelry leading up to the end of the year. One visitor described it as the Rothko Chapel meets Tron. With a life span of less than 24 hours, the building bloomed like slow motion fireworks.

U.P. was constructed of scaffolding arranged in a 35-foot diameter circle, rigging, and 1000 light-up flying discs similar to Frisbees. The flying discs, manufactured by Flashflight, are each embedded with a battery, chip, and multicolored LEDs which cause the semi-translucent white plastic to glow as they cycle through different colors in a slow pulsing pattern. The low voltage discs were connected to each other using translucent piping and zip ties, and the resultant disc fabric floated on the wind once suspended. Another layer of disc fabric laid a floor underneath, creating a glowing and pulsing flat plane to mirror the gently billowing disc fabric suspended above. Slow, shifting patterns of light mesmerize visitors while consuming only 600 watts of power.

The LED disk fabric is a prototype for a sustainable, low-voltage illuminated building skin. The fabric, hung from a reusable temporary scaffold system, is component-based and can be reconfigured for future events.


景观设计 Legge Lewis Legge
地点 美国
摄影 Legge Lewis Legge




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目录: 景观, 公共空间
地点: 美国