Shimansky 2821


这是 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited 完成的一个珠宝店的室内设计,位于澳门。通过设计一个简单的图样,并且贯穿使用于从壁纸、包装纸到包以及名片,从而创建了一种独特的氛围。


HEAD created a new brand for a South African diamond jeweller’s 2,000 square feet flagship shop at the Four Seasons, Macau. A simple graphic was developed that was used throughout the design from wallpaper to wrapping paper, bags and business cards. This, along with dark stripped timber and elegant furniture creates a sophisticated ambience for the beautiful product.


室内设计 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited
地点 中国, 澳门
面积 2,000 sqft
摄影 Graham Uden




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 中国