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这是 COEN! 为宗教组织 Besturenraad 与 BKO 的办公室所做的室内设计,位于荷兰。这两个组织正力求更紧密的合作以致力于天主教徒与新教徒在荷兰的教育。项目的目的则是将两个组织更可见的连接起来,以共享共同的目标与原则。


A bright translation of Christian and Catholic values

COEN! created a new working environment and identity layer for the ‘Besturenraad / BKO’. These two organizations are going to cooperate more intensively at a new location and take care of two denominational types of education in the Netherlands: Catholic and Protestant. The aim of this project was to visually connect the shared goals and principles of both organizations.

For the design of this story COEN! used The Book as a metaphor. Apart from the Christian and Catholic values a book also consists of structure, text and image. You see stained glass patterns, metal grids based on the golden section and special text prints with a message. The relation between faith and education is also subtly made clear by DNA patterns and golden ‘office altars’.


The eccentric and ornate atmosphere of religion has always fascinated a great many people. In addition, a new religion has developed with a belief in the global economy and with materialism as the one God. As people continue to search for new forms of spiritual enrichment, space is also created for new types of religious experience, Catholicism and spirituality. This search for new meaning leads to inner reflection. Coen van Ham delved into the tension that exists between the material and the spiritual. The result was a new logo based on the cross.

This logo is based on a reversal. Will you choose the deeper spiritual value or the material value on the surface? Do you believe in God, in yourself, or in the power of the economy? Or perhaps you believe in a material as well as a spiritual world?


Coen van Ham (1971) is a Dutch conceptual designer, architectural designer and source of creative inspiration. He studied at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven.

COEN! is one of the leading agencies in the Netherlands on account of its innovative concepts, stunning designs and inspiring workshops. His style is colourful, graphic, sober and communicating.

Coen and his team shape and guard over identity. Designs for your works of art, corporate identity, product and

interior are all based in a powerful and unique concept. Designs by Coen van Ham have been

included in several design and art collections. His work was shown in a diverse range of exhibitions

worldwide. Coen’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and books.


室内设计 COEN!
地点 荷兰
面积 floor 2,200 m2
摄影 © COEN!




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地点: 荷兰