Beethoven Building


这是 ARCHIT3CTUM 完成的一个写字楼的室内设计,位于西班牙。项目的灵感来自于模块化折纸(modular origami)。


As a main idea, think of the term “Modular Origami” and starting from there we set through the folds and shapes compose a tessellation of changing hues to serve as housing.

Coating was raised a composite panel walls, worked with a fold diagonally to form a composition with pvc stretched ceiling and accent lighting. Composed of a corridor that establishes connection between the street and square, guarded by two iron hinged doors open once again act as shutters that define and route access.The entrance to the building, is organized by two trays with pebbles and glass door with concealed allowing visual continuity and also limits the access.

Once in the lobby, we find the card-driven controls that allow entry to people who work in offices, the area of video surveillance and reception.

For many a futuristic project for us is to characterize the use of the building from a point of view, with no more pretensions to experiment with new materials andways to get results in a smooth transition of spaces.

Architect: René Mateo


Adress: C / Joan Blanques 30-32 Barcelona




T. (+34) 931 051 976 M. (+34) 658 575 495

Photos: Eli Garmendía

Web: www.eligarmendí


设计师 René Mateo
地点 西班牙, 巴塞罗那
面积 180 m2
摄影 Eli Garmendía




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