Inside Fashion Store


这是 Söhne & Partner Architekten 为 Inside Fashion 的零售店所做的室内设计,位于奥地利。项目面临的挑战主要是店面的面积,只有100平米左右。设计目标是创造一个直接、明确的空间。


Inside Fashion Store – Cool but welcoming

A new attraction in Vienna’s Neubaugasse is open since November 2011. Inside Fashion store presents fashion by international designers. Söhne & Partner Architects tried to design the interior in a discreet but appealing way. One challenge was the size of the new shop. Only 100m² now appear to be much more extensive.

The Concept

The Neubaugasse in Vienna is close to the famous shopping street Mariahilfer Straße. Thus, the designers of Söhne & Partner Architects tried to implement the new shop into the appearance of the street. However, it should be an eye-catcher and invite pedestrians to go inside. The main goal of the design was to create a straight and clear space since the fashion speaks for itself. Big mirror surfaces assist to make the space seemingly bigger. People who are passing by should be guided into the store. The colour turquoise directs the customers through the shop while the interior is mainly white and sober in order to present the fashion at the best.


室内设计 Söhne & Partner Architekten
地点 奥地利, 维也纳
面积 100 m2
摄影 Severin Wurnig




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地点: 奥地利, 维也纳