Dick’s Pizza and Pleasure


这是 Slick+Designusa 完成的一个批萨店的室内设计,位于美国。设计师使用最先锋的概念使得该餐厅吸引了整个密尔沃基的眼球。创作的灵感来自于时尚之都米兰与纽约那些井然有序、简洁同时现代的设计。


Chicago based designer, Rocco Laudizio of Slick+Designusa, and restaurateur, Thomas Wackman, captures the attention of Milwaukee with a new vanguard concept. A smart, enticing bend to fare and cocktails, Dick’s Pizza and Pleasure pushes artisan style pizza, house made milkshakes and nightlife a step far beyond.

Dick’s Pizza. Definitely not your typical Italian restaurant, designer Rocco Laudizio was inspired by the sleek, minimalist and modern designs found in Milan or New York. While the first floor pays tribute to the traditional diner, mod inspiration is seen throughout. The sleek white interior and carrara marble countertops set the tone for the bold accents of red. The use of the Japanese anime imagery on the walls gives the space an ultra modern “pop” or as Laudizio would say it’s the “eye candy” of the space.

Dick’s Pleasure. The sleek second and third floor bar and lounge areas transform into an edgier and sexy nightlife experience. The all white interior is brought to life with color from the LED lighting that washes the room with vibrant hues. The third floor’s focal point is the hot pink curvilinear shot bar. This whimsical accent becomes the sculptural centerpiece for the room. Regarding his inspiration Laudizio observes, “The upper levels are a museum and the people are the artwork.”


室内设计 Slick+Designusa
项目团队 Rocco Laudizio, Alicia Kelly, Michelle Trudo, Marissa Iacovoni
地点 美国
摄影 Craig Isbell




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Dick’s Pizza and Pleasure, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
地点: 美国