House in Porches


这是 PLURIESCALA 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于葡萄牙。建筑所在的地块位于一个古老村落的两条凹凸不平的街道之间,并具有明显的不对称形状。


Located in the old village of Porches, the lot is delimited by two uneven streets and has a markedly asymmetrical shape.

Adapting to its small size and irregularity, the plant has developed longitudinally, giving rise to a 3 story house with a contemporary design, also planned to harmonize with the traditionally rural environment and local architecture.

The northwest façade, clean and rectilinear, with few openings, contrasts with its opposite, ragged by large windows, fully open to the countryside and recessed on the second floor allowing the enjoyment of a large terrace with sea view.

Designed from the inside to the outside of the house, the shale wall has a powerful visual effect, intersecting the two upper floors and creating a clear separation between the private and the social area.


建筑设计 PLURIESCALA – Arquitectura, Planeamento e Design Lda.
项目团队 João Branco, Architect | Collaboration: Rita Piçarra, Architect | Virtual Images: Sofia Piedade, Architect
地点 葡萄牙
摄影 Miguel Garcia, Mónica Figueiredo and João Branco




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 葡萄牙