Coleman Oval Skate Park


这是 Holm Architecture Office 完成的一个滑板公园的景观设计,位于美国。处于曼哈顿桥下的这个公园由于不易发现,缺少维修,以及远离大路,长期以来没有被很好的利用。该设计方案通过重塑公园的形象,使之真正成为当地社区的焦点。


HAO / Holm Architecture Office invited to participate in the Coleman Oval Skatepark Competition.

HAO / Holm Architecture Office along with five other New York design offices have been invited to participate in the re-design of the Coleman Oval Skate Park and the master planning of the Coleman Oval Park. The competition is sponsored by Architecture for Humanity, which received a TKTK grant from for the redesign of the park.

The Coleman Oval Park, situated partly under the Manhattan Bridge, has long suffered from lack of exposure, little upkeep, and the “off the beaten path” factor.

By re-imagining the park and developing its program specifically to suit the unique character and demographic mix of the surrounding neighborhood, Coleman Oval Park has the potential to become a true focal point for the local community.

With the new skate park as the cornerstone of the revitalization of the Coleman Oval Park, we propose a plug-and-play design strategy that can be developed in phases while still establishing a strong overall, comprehensive design strategy.

“By creating a park that emphasizes and underlines local diversity Coleman Oval Park has the potential to become a one of a kind city park, simply by accommodating the potential of the dense urban area it sits within: the secret is in the mix,” said Jens Holm, founder, HAO.


景观设计 HAO / Holm Architecture Office Team
项目团队 Jens Holm, Niklas Thormark
地点 美国
面积 1,300 m2 Skate Park & 3,250 m2 Park




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地点: 美国