Golden Autumn Tone


这是 ANOTHER DESIGN INTERNATIONAL 完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于香港。这个名为金秋音符的设计方案汲取了美国建筑师Frank Lloyd Wright的部分设计风格作为灵感的来源。整个设计创造的气氛既宽敞又温暖。


Golden Autumn Tone

Golden Autumn Tone is a design scheme partly drawn from the style of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with a special emphasis on current modern design characteristics. The design creates an atmosphere of that is both spacious and yet warm. Any dining and living room designed with Golden Autumn Tone can make any family meeting seem like a special event.

It took interior designer Pal Pang a year to create special residential units for the Mount East Project which is a current project being built by a Hong Kong real estate developer. Each and every piece of furniture was specially custom made for this project with superior materials.

The Golden Autumn Design Scheme does not require any retro classic or modern stylish approach to luxury packaging. High definition design is unique and high quality, especially in terms of material, construction and workmanship, so much so that it constitutes a work of art.

About Pal Pang

Pal Pang (彭裕仁) studied interior design at University of the Creative Arts, UK, received honorary bachelors degree, returned to Hong Kong after graduation. Initially, he was mainly engaged in retail and commercial brand of interior design such as shopping malls and residential development in recent years the taste.

In 2002, Pal Pang founded Another Design International (另一設計院), as the post of Principal, designed to taste and distinctive style fashion has become a successful designer in Asia.

Cooperation with the Pal Pang had clients include local, national and international and other famous brands, the Hutchison Whampoa, Maxims, Jaguar, Kowloon Development, McDonalds, Wai Yuen Tong & LuLu Cheung… etc.

In 2007 Wai Yuen Tong retail design won “DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARDS” Honor Award; In 2008, “The Morrison” selected to the UK “INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS” Best Interior Design of the Asia-Pacific Awards and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors of best environmental design awards. Lately, “Horizon Heights” won Best Interior Design at Asia Pacific Property Awards 2010. In 2011, Pal Pang has be selected as one of design stars in Asia by 40 under 40. And his design works and interviews often get published in magazines and design books in Europe, Dubai, China and Hong Kong. His first publishing “Design of Faith & Devotion” is sell world-wide.

Pal Pang obsessed with the film, picture composition, lighting and other environmentally sound and sensory effects, with a keen sense of touch, so he was good at projecting these sensory elements in the design, the whole work is completed, its beyond the ordinary writing style, Often shines, customers receive the same appreciation.

Pal Pang is currently a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Design and Art Direction Association and the Hong Kong Designers Association Committee Member. Furthermore, Pal Pang also an examiner of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Photography: Virgin Simon Bertrand


地点 中国, 香港
面积 1,200 sqt
摄影 Virgin Simon Bertrand




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