Hudson Yards


这是 Steven Holl Architects 为曼哈顿地区所做的一个城市规划设计,位于美国。方案拟将曼哈顿Eastern Rail Yards与Western Rail Yards地区从物理上和技术上紧密的集成起来,以把该区域转换成一个世界级的,多用途的活力的空间。


Steven Holl Architects have designed a cohesive master plan for both the Eastern Rail Yards and Western Rail Yards in Manhattan that is both physically and technologically integrated. Extell Development Company proposes to transform the Eastern Rail Yards and Western Rail Yards into a world-class, mixed-use, vibrant neighborhood that features world class architecture and inspiring public spaces designed by Steven Holl Architects, that is in harmony with the surrounding environment, and that both minimizes interference with LIRR operations and returns considerable financial value to the MTA. This last large undeveloped Midtown Manhattan site provides an unprecedented opportunity to create a new urban paradigm for the 21st century. While offering a high mixed-use density of 12 million square feet; the proposed suspension deck design maximizes public space and creates a porosity and openness for the site from all sides and approaches, connecting Midtown, the Chelsea Arts District, and the convention center with a grand public park open to the Hudson River; and its innovative structural system for spanning over the Rail Yards will minimize the impacts of development on the Caemmerer Yards and allow it to offer more for the right to develop.


建筑设计 Steven Holl Architects
项目建筑师 Steven Holl
地点 美国, 纽约
面积 site 3,444,240 m2




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目录: 城市规划
地点: 美国, 纽约