这是 Oppenheim Architecture + Design 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于美国。建筑的外形、方位、以及空间的分配来自于对地块所处的无形的地理环境的一个逻辑分析。


The form, sitting, and distribution of spaces for this urban dwelling complex are derived from a logical analysis of its physical and intangible context. Manipulated to obtain the ultimate sell-out price potential-a complex array of interlocking, volumes maximizes light, air, and stringent FAR restrictions, Centrally located on the nondescript site-the edifice acknowledges the vernacular of the passing cruise ships with subtle abstractions of the surrounding Art Deco Style. The material palette is simple and sincere, white stucco, an aluminum glazing system, perforated aluminum panels, and shell stone details-connect the building to the local fabric’s traditions and techniques. Individual 2-story units are expressed as dynamically jutting volumes from the elongated hexagonal plan. Tremendous terraces-some enclosed by aluminum screens, cantilever from the main structure-creating large outdoor rooms. Passing through as sculpted entry gate, a covered walk, flanked by a flower enhanced pond, serves as the main passage to the building. A rooftop pool, framed by the building’s integral structure, is the primary public space of the complex. Aligned with the sun’s path, the building addresses the bay and downtown to the East as well as the beach and ocean to the West with two over-scaled windows, measuring 35′x 50′ in size. The surreal manipulations of scale alter the reading of the structure as a typical condominium building type.


建筑设计 Oppenheim Architecture + Design
地点 美国
面积 27,000 SF
摄影 Ken Hayden




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国