Hamptons 住宅


这是 Oppenheim Architecture + Design 完成的一个住宅的建筑设计,位于美国。这个二层的建筑座落在东汉普顿镇的海岸沙丘上,设计方案的灵感来自于当地过去实用的谷仓式建筑架构,同时经过调整以最大程度的利用附近的花园景观以及长岛海景。


A two-story estate set on a coastal dune in the town of East Hampton is inspired by the utilitarian barn structures of the context’s agrarian past. Volumetrically and programmatically essential, the structure is situated and configured to optimize views of garden and sea while becoming an aperture for the mystical light of the Long Island Coast. The house comprises 4 bedrooms with private baths, 1 master suite with fireplace, two full sized kitchens (service and display kitchens), 4 individually programmed terraces, a playroom, library, drawing room, a two-story guesthouse/ pool cabana with an underground wine cellar, spa, and indoor pool built into the dune. The property is set within a picturesque landscape of formal and natural gardens featuring a grass tennis court, motor courts, carriage house, orangerie, and pond.


建筑设计 Oppenheim Architecture + Design
地点 美国, 纽约
面积 12,000 SF




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国, 纽约