A valuable restyling for the Bice restaurant


这是 Federico Delrosso Architects 完成的一个餐馆的室内设计,位于美国。该餐厅开张于上世纪80年代,随着时间的推移,曾经的设施日趋陈旧。设计师对餐厅的风格进行了精心的微妙的重新打造,即保留了原有的布局,又增添了新的气氛。


Federico Delrosso undertakes the delicate restyling of the Bice restaurant in New York, first opened on 54th Street in 1987. The project was by the then emergent Adam Tihany, later well-known for his designs of numerous restaurants and hotels.

“From the strictly design point of view, I tackled the restyling project in a way I would almost describe as ‘ethical’.” Rather than destroying the original layout, I chose to respect Adam Tihany’s design and bring out the distinctive features of his project by highlighting them.

Of course I removed the elements that I saw as accretions on the original project, stratified over time: lamps, pictures, floors … seeking to recreate the original elegant atmosphere with a palette of shades that would be darker but also more luminous.” F.D.

“I added as the only new feature a collection of black and white photos running along the walls in the interiors. In this way, I sought to evoke that special atmosphere of Italy in the ’60s, which perhaps the patrons of an Italian restaurant will be looking for, naturally in addition to the flavors of our tradition.

The black and white photos are also the common thread that Ideally links this project to the other Bice restaurants that I designed in Istanbul and San Diego.” F.D.

* The first Bice restaurant was founded in Milan in 1926. Today there are more than twenty Bice Restaurants and Bistros on every continent.

Federico Delrosso also designed the interiors of the Bice restaurants in San Diego (2008) and Istanbul (2009), and the CaféB in New York (2011).

photo credits: Adrian Wilson

Federico Delrosso – biography

“Architecture must have a soul – it’s own soul that is echoed in every detail. Light and shadow must be delicately balanced to reach the unique and magic point. It should have an independent voice from the people who made it and those that live in it – created by man and for man. This is my mission…” F.D.

“I believe that true architecture cannot stop at the surfaces of a home, but should also develop without a break, like a Moebius strip, from the outside to the interior. In my project the exterior always finds its “natural” homolog within. But more than a simple correspondence (the void that reflects the solid) I enjoy working on two fundamental links: light and natural materials.F. D.

An architect with an international range (France, Switzerland, USA, Montecarlo, Turkey), but with a solid Italian grounding, Federico Delrosso (born in Biella in 1964; graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in 1996) within a few years has gained wide experience in the design of a very wide range of types of architecture: private housing, restaurants (for the catering industry), a rehabilitation centre, office buildings … numerous projects of interior design but also industrial design.

His early experience in the field has consolidated a talent and a distinctive sensibility for spaces, perceived in his projects as an intangible quality which Federico Delrosso calls “the emotional fourth dimension”. In other words, in his interiors as well as his architectures, the result of the masterly relationship between three-dimensional spaces and the elaboration of surfaces is always a sense of pleasant balance, typical of fine architecture.

In 2008 his design for the interior of the Restaurant Notime in Monte Carlo was among the finalists in the category Hospitality/Restaurant/Casual at the “Best of Year Award”, organized by Interior Design magazine (USA).

From 2009 to 2011 his project for a private residence Twin Loft (Milan) was a considerable media success, with publications in the major international print and online journals.

In September 2011 (a very special date for the United States) Interior Design USA magazine published on its cover his project for the interior of CaféB in New York.

The design

“I came to the design through furniture made to measure which I introduced into my projects for interiors, because I always contextualize the object in the architectural detail. That’s how my Mima wall lamp was invented. It’s an object that literally disappears into the walls because beyond being a wire, it is painted with the same mural as the walls. When it is off you only see a fleeting trace of it. It was appreciated for these features by Davide Groppi, who put it into production in 2006, and by the ADI, so it was entered in 21st Compasso d’Oro 2008 award and added to the ADI’s historical collection.

In 2011 Federico Delrosso was invited by Doğtaş Mobilya, a major manufacturer of furniture in the Middle East, to design the Cinquanta furniture collection.


室内设计 Federico Delrosso Architects
设计师 Federico Delrosso
地点 美国, 纽约
摄影 Adrian Wilson




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