Pied à Terre a São Paulo


这是 Fábio Galeazzo 完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于巴西。设计师将这个90平米的公寓进行了彻底的翻修,并使用了可持续材料。厨房的墙壁被挪掉,并替换成一个绿橄榄玻璃样式的餐台。


Located in São Paulo, this 90m² apartament was reformed and received as coating sustainable materials like certified handling wood in the floor and in some walls. The kitchen walls were removed and replaced by a intermixed tone of green olive glass tyle balcony for quick meals. In the side wall there’s a graffiti of a young artist.

The gray tone of the wood allowed the use of vibrant color like turquoise and humoured decoration. The furniture and decoration itens are a mix of design and vintage furniture, like the green olive leather sofá, the decó armchairs and some fashion universe references like tiedye cushions. In the dining room there’s a pendant shelf with small red spaces that serve as home for a toyart collection and other curiosities. Alongside there’s a luminous circular optical object which reinforces the young and relaxed look of the place. The dining table’s classical design goes with Constantin Gric chairs. Next to it, serving as a sideboard, there’s a dresser painted with a tailoring motif and on top of it a black acrilyc cutted on the form of a classic silhouette.

In the couple suite it is found the same materials choice for coatings and for the chevet was chosen a handmande purple textile that goes with the tantan quilt. Over the bed a thin recess receives a reflected acrilyc cutting. Above that recess italian lamps assists the individual reading while, on the side wall, there’s a carved wood sculpture in the form of a wing.


室内设计 Fábio Galeazzo
地点 巴西, 圣保罗
摄影 Célia Weiss




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 巴西, 圣保罗