Contemporary Hut


这是 Fábio Galeazzo 完成的一个住宅的室内设计,位于巴西。设计方案力图展现纯手工工作以及可持续建筑的价值,在表达方式上则从原始参考出发,并混合了现代生活趋向。


This work intends to value handmade work and sustainable construction, expressing in that a true way of living that starts with primal references mixing it with the contemporary tendencies of living, which integrates values from yesterday and today through a future view.

Having that in mind, the project proposal transcends the common sense, aims to be timeless and try to bring to the public ideas of comfort and welfare into a digital and speeded up world, in order to increase human contact.

The HUT was built with a handcraft technique using autoclaved bamboo and overlayed with piassava straw (brazilian natural fiber) and the floor is made of certified wood . Its unusual shape with a five meter headroom surprises, inviting the visitor to enter and be received by a living room.

Connecting the internal and external area there’s a 60m² space of especially drawn decks inspired by woof found in baskets of brazil indians tribes. In that area coloured mattress were scattered and in the center its found a firepit made of soapstone.

The decoration is a compound of natural textiles like cotton and rough wood furniture. A highlight is the Wester armchair by Hans Wegnerque, which with a smooth design grant sofistication to the set. Nine pending made of straw fill the high headroom turning it into a cozy place.

Beyond beeing sustainable that kind of contruction ensures a good thermal protection, in summer the place is cool and in the winter its warm and safe from wind.


室内设计 Fábio Galeazzo
地点 巴西, 圣保罗
摄影 Célia Weiss




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Contemporary Hut, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 巴西, 圣保罗