Interior Dutch National Broadcasting Channel


这是 COEN! 为荷兰广播公司的办公室所做的室内设计,位于荷兰。办公室座落在Hilversum媒体公园的三座黑暗的建筑物里,设计师通过运用色彩鲜艳的像素景观将之转换为一个光彩的,吸引人的办公环境。


Netherlands Broadcasting Company: colourful pixel landscape

New interior design for the head office of the National Broadcasting Channel, located in three existing, dark buildings at the Media Park in Hilversum: this office space was re-created by COEN! to form a light, colourful and attractive working environment, with an ambience appropriate to a media concern. The design was based on the following points of departure:

- The specific identity of the National Broadcasting Channel is evident throughout the head office.

- All three buildings have been integrated to form a coherent and recognizable environment.

- The characteristic items used for the design are at the interface between applied and autonomous art.

- The interior design is timeless with colourful accents.

- In spite of the limited budget available, it was possible to create a powerful concept.

In 2006 COEN! redesigned the TV test picture to symbolize the National Broadcasting Channel. The well-known test picture was translated into colourful art forms on wall panels and window accessories throughout the media building. Based on the same design, a series of 16 colourful giclees was produced, which when taken together form the complete test picture. Each giclee is available in a limited edition of 50 prints. Each print is signed, numbered and framed in aluminium behind glass. They are available via COEN!


室内设计 COEN!
地点 荷兰
面积 floor 6,000 m2
摄影 © COEN!




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地点: 荷兰