Saint-Gobain Playhouse


这是 C. F. Møller Architects 为制造商Saint-Gobain Isover设计的儿童之家,位于丹麦。这个以节能为突出特色的迷你住宅曾在丹麦哥本哈根气候大会期间展出。建筑有4,5米长,3米高,以及一个独特的倾斜的侧面。


The sustainable playhouse designed for the manufacturer Saint-Gobain Isover, is conceived as a playhouse for children and adults – or as an unusual guest annex. The aim is to highlight the construction of energy-saving homes, and although small, the house displays details and materials which will be a part of tomorrow’s solutions.

Playhouse is 4,5 meters long and 3 meters tall, and has a distinct leaning profile, with large “intelligent” glazing as windows, skylight and solar panel, as well as for interior lighting using a new technology. The walls contain a special, highly insulating glass wool, and the triple-layer energy glazing is equivalent to modern passive-house standards.

The house is so well insulated that a few candles suffice for heating, even in winter. The skewed form not only looks interesting, it also helps the building’s south façade shade itself from the summer sun.

The playhouse was exhibited at Højbro Square in Copenhagen during the climate summit from the 7th to the 18th December.


建筑设计 C. F. Møller Architects
地点 丹麦
面积 12 m2
摄影 C. F. Møller Architects




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地点: 丹麦