Finderup Park


这是 C. F. Møller Architects 完成的一个住宅项目的建筑设计,位于丹麦。该项目包含了92套住房以及1500平米的底层商铺。建筑设计整体上像是一个迷你的密集城市群,多个级别、层次围绕着地块中部的庭院层层铺开。


Located next to the western ring road of Aarhus, Finderup Park is a new mix-use complex with 92 housing units and 1500 m2 commercial space at ground level. The design is a dense, urban cluster – a city within the city – with many levels, passages, atrium-gardens and planted terraces surrounding the spacious common courtyards inside the plot, where social interaction can unfold.

The 4 storey complex aligns with the surrounding context in height, and shifts in levels adapt to the slope of the adjacent ring-road.

Inside, a main passage links all accesses to the apartments, and terminates in a broad stair to the ring-road. The passage serves as an internal pedestrian street, and combines a series of vistas through various courtyard spaces and openings.

The layout of the development is complex and unusual. The 92 housing units are diverse, and all receive sunlight in the course of the day. They all feature generous balconies or terraces, oriented towards the inner green courtyards. The complexity and density of the scheme makes the special sequences inside the development varied and exciting.

The variations in the atriums include raised terraces, and surrounding building heights between 3 and 4 stories. They are shielded from the surrounding streetscapes by large, partially frosted, glass screens to the north and south, which let the light through but dampen noise levels.

The urban character is especially clear in the facades along the ring-road, which have a clear motive of rhythm and variation, and a pronounced entry point with stairs that underline the site’s sloping terrain.

The light rendered facades, and the repetitive glass-panels suspended in front of the balustrades, create a simultaneous sense of openness and protection on the deck-accesses, as well as an interesting play of light and shadow when seen from the surroundings.

The apartments’ balconies have sliding shutters, to allow various degrees of privacy and shading. The size and sheltering of the covered terraces means that they function like an extra outdoor room in conjunction with each dwelling unit.

The development has a total of 20 different housing typologies, ranging from small flats of approx. 55 m² ca. up to approx. 97 m², and including 8 maisonettes. The various types are aimed at an equally diverse array of tenants, including students, singles and families.

Parking spaces are located in an underground car park, covering the entire building footprint. This means all circulation and ground-level spaces are free of vehicular traffic.


建筑设计 C. F. Møller Architects
地点 丹麦
面积 housing 8,200 m2 / commercial 1,500 m2
摄影 Julian Weyer, Helene Hoyer Mikkelsen




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地点: 丹麦