这是 waltritsch a+u 完成的一个文化中心的建筑设计,位于意大利。该中心是专为戈里齐亚市的斯洛文尼亚社区服务的,建筑座落在该市老城区的一条主干路上,包括一个图书馆,以及两个社区学校。项目是通过对一个现有的大厦进行改造,以及在一个院落内新建一个两层建筑完成的。


The KBcenter is a new space for cultural and social interaction dedicated to the Slovenian community in Gorizia. It is located in the hart of the 19th century development of the city, on the main street of the town. The centre gathers 13 organisations, dedicated to different cultural interest and age groups. Among others, a Library, two Educational Institutions, The Slovenian cultural and economical Association and The Music school. The main goal is the promotion of the Slovenian cultural activity in a framework of a respectful multiethnic society.

The project consist of a functional renovation of an existing building, as well as of a new two storey building for the Library, located in the interior courtyard. The form of the new building deals with the issue of the dialogue between a historical presence and the contemporary architectural language, within the physical constrictions of the historical city. The choice of the façade materials, synthetic wood and large glass surfaces, was made to favour a delicate insertion (the existing buildings are at a distance of only 5 meters). The whole building was thought as ‘a large piece of furniture which slides on the courtyard floor’, in order not to break the intimacy of the courtyard self and of the garden. The large windows are acting as program displayed, and are favouring the visual inclusion of the refurbished garden in the daily activities of the Library. The large glass surfaces are fixed so that framework is reduced. The natural ventilation is happening through some large panels hidden in the façade cladding. When they are closed one can notice them only because of the stainless steel line acting as railing. The façade materials are treated as a complete surface without frames, sometimes provoking an ambigous reading. From a certain distance the glass surface appears to be heavier than the wood. From a close up, the large glass surface reflects the garden and the life around, and almost disappears. On ground floor the building host the Library depot, with a capacity of 25.000 books. The shelves, which are in most projects considered as non aesthetic element, are here generously exposed and underlined with a chromatic choice. Other interventions include the Henrik Tuma conference hall, the interior reorganization of the library and educational facilities, the garden refurbishment and design of all open spaces.


建筑设计 waltritsch a+u
建筑师 Dimitri Waltritsch
地点 意大利
面积 1,800 m2
摄影 Marco Covi, Trieste




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目录: 建筑, 教育, 文化
地点: 意大利